1. To take control.

2. Use of one's body and physical ability to defend without firearm.  

Our philosophy is that no matter who you are, everyone has come to a point in life where a person must BareHand. BareHand challenges with health, finances, relationships, or survival in today's society. We are all fighting our own individual wars whether it be a mental war, spiritual war, and/or physical war.  The fighter in you decides that somehow you must overcome these challenges, to BareHand those challenges!  In essence this is what our games are about. In our titles you fill the roles of characters who are attempting to BareHand a war they are going through. BareHand is a way of life and whether you are playing our games or dealing with your own life challenges, you are a BareHand Warrior! 



You know that you are indie when you can map your whole dev team to a video game controller.