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BareHand                                                                                   September 2, 2014                                          edwin@barehand.co
Based in Lawrence, MA

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BareHand History

From moving back and forward across county to finding work post-grad to facing two lay offs within the gaming industry, Edwin Jack founded BareHand in 2014 within Lawrence, Massachusetts.  Edwin formed an alliance with his teammates Kris Carter, Nicholas Biondi, Charlie Mauck, and R. J. DuBois to become the independent game studio working on Cede. 


Follow this link to the Dropbox files where you can download all transparent PNG files as well. 

Cede Description

Cede is a 3D Action-RPG combining the best experiences of Diablo and Harvest Moon farming, modernized by a unique mechanic "Combat Farming"
Combat Farming in a post-apocalyptic universe. Conflict between brothers has cracked your planet into pieces with barely any crops and plants to survive from. Our main character Seph and his Lil Boi's combine their abilities through Combat Farming in which monsters are burst into seeds becoming vegetation.  This vegetation can assist you in combat in various ways. One plant grown may fire projectiles at enemies while another plant increases your speed. Seph's Lil Boi's all have Combat Farming abilities that can level up your plants making them stronger thus making you stronger in combat. 

Story Synopsis

“Cede” is a Combat Farming Game in a Post Apocalyptic Universe where Seph, after the death of his father and the betrayal of his five brothers to govern and protect the worlds crumbles, it is up to him and his Lil Boi’s to restore order to all of the regions that remain of Earth and set everything right for him and what is left of his world. But in order to do that he has to take back the power he rightfully had stolen from him by his brothers before it is too late. Determined to make things right for the world, and rectify the famine and devastation of "The Fall,"Seph still hopes to bring his family back together united, without the hate, anger, greed, resentment, and  decimating power that is destroying them and everything else surrounding the expanse of their wake… by using love---- or the universe as they know it will cease to exist.

Cede Game Features

Burst enemies into seeds transforming them into combative vegetation. Each enemy in the game will have a unique transformation that assists you through combat in various ways from flaming plants firing projectiles to glowing crystals that increase your speed. Through our dynamic planting system, you and the Lil Boi's can move these plants thus building your own unique strategy to take out enemies. Transform wastelands into beautiful worlds through Combat Farming!

Switch between up to 3 Lil Boi's at once all with unique Combat Farming abilities. Using Lil Boi's on plant transformations will level up your plants making them stronger in combat. 

Seph and his Lil Boi's fight for their lives constantly against overwhelming hordes of enemies.

Randomly created worlds, unique items, enemies, and bosses. Enjoy a new experience each playthrough.

Bring materials that you've found in worlds back to your own personal hub farm to grow crops. Use these crops to level up your Lil Boi making them stronger for Combat Farming!




Edwin Jack                                                                      Nicholas Biondi                         
CEO, Game Director, Lead Artist                           Lead Programmer                     

Kris Carter                                                                     R. J. DuBois
Concept Artist                                                              Story/Writer

Charlie Mauck



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